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Connecting with my purpose had been a lifelong journey for me. I reinvented myself numerous times, hairstylist, bridal consultant, lounge entertainer, poet. But at age 45 something happened, I got tired of trying to figure things out and asked God for his insight. 

After becoming an ordained minister and Christ-Certified life coach, I believe I'm finally standing on solid ground. It has become my personal mission to assist other women who like me all those years ago, had given up their power, voice, and identity or have become fed up, disillusioned about their lives and feeling unfulfilled get back into alignment with their divine purpose!



Inner Image Consultant

       An accomplished author, teacher and inspirational speaker,  Minister Ajhae Small's creative approach to self-esteem, confidence building, and divine purpose alignment are helping her to carve out a distinctive niche with auto-didactic (self-taught) people like herself.     

     Using her talents for music, poetry, writing, and storytelling, her workshops and seminars encourage its attendees to creatively explore the depths of their hearts.
    She is most noted for the creation of the groundbreaking cultural internet radio show, "Neo-Lystically Speaking", a platform that featured emerging artists in the poetic, indie music and author arenas.

     Under the pseudonym "Mo'Kha Uzuri she self-published her first collection of poetry and prose. Since its debut, she has toured various cities in the US and written several eBooks and workbooks.

     To her credit, she has mentored several aspiring authors to achieve publication and has assisted in successfully launching and marketing multiple businesses and brands. One of which reached national acclaim during New York Fashion Week.
     In addition to workshops and seminars on building self-esteem, Minister Ajhae also offers sessions on self-publishing, navigating social media & web integration, brand development, e-commerce entrepreneurship, and the liberation of owning your story through memoir writing.
     Using her natural acumen for branding and artistic expression, as well as sharing her God-given insight into wholeness and spiritual freedom, is what she believes is her divine purpose.

     "What I've discovered is that there are so many people who are broken, disillusioned and shackled to a life they feel powerless to change. 

     Even more are living a cycle of existing from one week to the next, rather than actually experiencing the power of a divinely inspired life.

     The cause, more often than not, is due to limited financial resources and FEAR.
     So I asked God what I could do to equip more people to pursue their dreams and claim the life they were created to live?  

     And he replied, teach them to fish. As a minister, the great commission is part of my calling, but taking those concepts outside of the church walls and reaching those who have for one reason or another turned away from their Christian upbringing and helping them to restore that relationship is what gets my heart pumping.

     I was one of those people, angry at God and everyone associated with Him. Look at me now!"

     Born with a compassionate heart, wisdom beyond her years and a deep desire to help others. Life Coaching seemed the most natural step.

     "Within my circle of sisters, I  was the one they called for advice, encouragement, words of healing or to bounce ideas off of.

     Never did I imagine that I could turn these natural abilities I had into my dream life!
     Those small fragments of time and giving of myself propelled me into the world of life coaching.  
     The title "inner image consultant" was given to me by God, along with a mandate to help heal His people along with anyone else who wanted spiritual freedom. Starting from the inside out!"

     Enjoying to the fullest what she describes as an EXTRAORDINARY journey for an average girl like her, she faithfully awaits the unfolding of God's plan. 

     So far she has had the honor to contribute in the birthing of multiple God-ordained visions and anticipates helping many more realize what God has pre-ordained for them.

Will one of them be YOU?

"Don't be afraid to reach out, let's chat like old friends."






Embrace Life’s Challenges

Do you have a general idea of what you've been purposed to do but you just don't have any idea where to start? Or maybe your teetering at the edge of the cliff debating whether or not to actually take the leap of faith or just play it safe.

The "Jump Girl" 14-day               coaching session is designed to better prepare you for your "purpose launch."

Here's what you'll learn:

-Brand development & identity

-Social media integration

-Digital marketing strategies

-Crafting a Mission Statement & Motto 

-Basic graphic design

-Business automation


 A Lesson on Inner Healing

 We spend multiple hours serving others and neglecting ourselves. Many of us have experienced traumatic experiences that are pressed down so deeply within our spirit, we've forgotten them. But an intricate belief system has developed from those experiences.

During the Inner Work session, we'll use 3 key elements to guide you to healing those old and forgotten wounds and implement tactics that lead us to love ourselves more.

What is an "inner work session"?

Its the process of examining what is hidden in our hearts and allowing space to confront suppressed or hurtful memories in order to begin healing them in a positive manner.  Each session is grounded in biblical principles.

What can I expect?

Sometimes these sessions can be emotionally and spiritually draining. You may feel fatigued and vulnerable. It is a good idea to talk with your Pastor or spiritual mentor before beginning a session and prayer is always in order.


Guidance & Inspiration

 "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

~Maya Angelou

True freedom comes when you decide to own YOUR story and take back the power you surrendered by writing a new destiny for yourself. 

During this free consultation you'll be able to :

-clearly identify your story

-brainstorm several titles

-set hard deadlines

-establish a writing schedule

-define a daily word count goal


Embrace Life’s Challenges

"My life is my message." ~Mahatma Gandhi

Every trial and tribulation that we have experienced throughout our lives have prepared us to walk within our pre-ordained destiny.

This free webinar is designed to help you connect with your higher calling and to encourage you to embrace your divine purpose.

This webinar is designed to :

-help you identify your core beliefs

-connect with your "heart" passion

-uncover limiting beliefs

-set positive daily intentions

-uncover "heart" motives

-create a personal manifesto

-design a purpose roadmap


 Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. 4Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight. 

(1Peter 3: 3-4)



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